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Bendy Joints, Stretchy Skin, Clumsiness Why Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Is Often Missed And What It Has To Do With Autism

Better understanding of the phenotype will help us recognise less apparent individuals who have not yet had events to consider molecular genetic testing. In addition to positive COL3A1 molecular results, all patients in this study had detailed phenotypic assessment. Both HSD and hEDS can be equal in severity and require similar management. You can read…

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Machine Learning For Accurate Estimation Of Fetal Gestational Age Based On Ultrasound Images Npj Digital Medicine

This would provide an alternative method for GA estimation for the large number of women globally who first attend an antenatal clinic after 14 weeks’ gestation. Using ultrasound images from two large global ultrasound studies we train and externally validate machine learning models for GA assessment, blinded to the ground truth of GA . All…

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